Auphonix Blue Yeti Pop Filter. For Blue Yeti and USB Desk Microphones. Flat Clamp Attaches To Blue Yeti, Desktop...


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  • Designed just for the Blue Yeti, clamps directly onto your beautiful microphone. No drilling!
  • Use with other desktop USB microphones by clamping it to the desk. Simple solution for great results
  • Easily clamps to square/rectangular boom arms as well. Unlike other pop filters it will not slip
  • Double screen mesh for distortion-free recording. No loss of voice quality. Just remove the pops.
  • Strong gooseneck holder supports the weight of the filter for trouble-free placement. Set and forget

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Own a Blue Yeti or another desktop USB mic? And you need a good pop filter?

The majority of pop filters you can buy are made for a microphone stand or boom.

But what if you want a pop filter that you can directly attach to your Blue Yeti , or easily use with any other desktop microphone?

Stop your search now and get the Auphonix Flat Clamp Pop Filter!

Designed to fit directly on the Blue Yeti, or clamp on to any standard desktop or flat surface microphone arm, the Auphonix Pop Filter just does the job, simple and easy.

If you have the Blue Yeti, just take the pop shield out of the packet, and clamp it directly to your Yeti.

If you have any other desktop microphone, simply clamp it to your desk, position it in front of your USB Mic and you are done

The filter will also easily connect to any flat surface microphone arm or boom.

Your new double screen pop filter will

- connect simply and easily to your Yeti, your square/rectangular mic arm, or your desk
- remove problematic plosives,
- and reduce the damage caused by saliva on the microphone.

Clean, professional recording, every time!

Why buy the Auphonix Desktop Pop Filter ?

Trying to connect a standard pop filter to your desktop, or to a popular USB microphone like the Yeti Pro, is difficult and frustrating.

- The Flat Clamp Pop Filter is made of tough stuff and does a great job busting plosives, with its double screen .
- The flexible gooseneck holds firm under the weight of the filter
- And there is a year-long 100% money back guarantee

BONUS:When you buy this desktop filter you will also receive an ebook with ten great tips for recording .

To end your frustration with bad audio and unsuitable pop filters, just Click Add To Cart at top-right and you'll soon have your flat mic arm, desktop or Blue Yeti pop filter, bonus hints and tips, and great sound!

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