CamKix Telescopic Pole for GoPro Hero - Adjustable Telescopic Pole with Attachment Straps for Wifi Remote - 9"...


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  • COMPACT ACCESSORY WITH HUGE REACH - 14" TO 40" EXTENSION: Compact and easily portable when retracted with potential for super long reach when fully extended.
  • VARIETY OF MOUNTS FOR VERSATILITY OF USE: The GoPro specific mount can be removed to reveal a standard mount compatible with other digital cameras. Similarly, the tiltable swivel mount can be removed to reveal a static mount. If you unscrew the lanyard attachment from the bottom of the pole a tripod socket will be revealed - so you can mount the pole on a tripod for long duration elevated shots.
  • WIFI REMOTE STRAP AND EXTRA LENGTH WRIST STRAP INCLUDED: Short strap will allow you to attach your wifi remote directly to the pole so it is easily accessible during use. The long strap enables you to attach the wifi remote to your wrist or upper arm - even with a heavy jacket on!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO CARRY: The lightweight aluminum construction of the pole makes it incredibly light and easy to carry in a case or backpack.
  • EASY TWIST AND LOCK EXTENSION - FULLY ADJUSTABLE LENGTH: Twist and lock system allows you to adjust the length to ANYWHERE between 14" and 40". Simply twist counter clockwise to release, choose your desired length, and twist clockwise to lock.

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Get Close to the Action with the CamKix Telescopic GoPro Pole

The CamKix Adjustable GoPro pole will enable you to get close to action which would normally be out of reach!

Extendable from a compact and easy to carry 9" to a far-reaching 21", the pole can be locked at any length in between using the simple twist and lock system. Just twist counter clockwise to release, choose your length, then twist clockwise to lock.

The two straps included allow you to attach your wifi remote conveniently to your arm, or the pole itself, so that you can easily start and stop shooting while your camera is high up in the air.

The pole is made from lightweight aluminum and can be used in all water based activities due to its rust-free nature. The handle has a soft foam coating for easy grip.

The GoPro mount can be removed to reveal a standard camera mount suitable for other digital camera. Likewise the swivel mount can be removed to reveal a static mount.

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1 x GoPro Pole
1 x Lanyard
1 x Short Wifi Remote Strap
1 x Long Wifi Remote Strap

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