Zap Racket The Original Large Handheld Lightweight Electronic No Batteries Needed Rechargeable Bug Fly Mosquito...


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  • Unique design, more powerful, yet lightweight and easy to use. Kill bugs instantly
  • Rechargeable with a detachable power cord for easy charging anywhere. Save money-No need to ever buy batteries
  • Superior quality, 100% Guaranteed; Heavy duty ABS plastic, rhombic anti-rust safety nets with an LED insect attractor light
  • Environmentally friendly: no pesticides, sprays, chemicals, or landfill waste from spent batteries
  • Safe to use around children and pets. Indoor or outdoor use. CE, RoHS certified. Available in multiple colors; Code Red, Green Beret and Agent Orange upon request

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Is your blood type AFeast (for mosquitoes)? Hate sitting on your patio? Have you had that one mosquito that waits until you fall asleep to ambush your face and ears?
Face it, your hands aren't fast enough until it's too late. You need the Zap Racket.
It's powerful.
It's light and easy to maneuver even half asleep.
It's rechargeable so it's always ready.
Just press the zap button when you hear that annoying whining sound and ZAP that mossie to pieces. Keep one plugged-in by your bedside or patio, ready to spring into action.
Don't let another mossie ambush you!

The Zap Racket is a convenient and effective way to rid yourself of mosquitoes, fruit flies, stink bugs, wasps and all other pesky insects.
Easy to use, it eliminates the need for harmful, costly insecticides. A unique removable cord makes for easy charging at home or on the go.
Use it inside your home or business, or outdoors: perfect for patios, BBQs, poolside, at the beach, hiking and camping. It's powerful and safe-the external grid protects you from accidentally zapping yourself. A built-in light serves the dual purpose of attracting insects while helping you see the bugs for easy zapping at night.
This is not a toy.

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