Foam Windscreen for Blue Yeti, MXL, Audio Technica, and Other Large Microphones - Black


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  • Designed to fit the Blue Yeti, Yeti Pro, and other large condenser microphones and USB microphones from brands such as MXL and Audio Technica, as well as most other mics up to 2.5 inches in diameter.
  • Improves the quality of your audio recording by minimizing the sound of wind and other unwanted background noise.
  • Acts as a pop filter for those harsh "p", "t", and "b" sounds.
  • Protects your microphone by keeping out harmful dust and moisture.
  • Perfect for improving the sound quality of your podcasts, Youtube videos, ASMR videos, gaming streams, and other audio recordings.

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Looking for a windscreen to fit the Blue Yeti or other large microphone?

Most foam windscreens are made to fit smaller hand-held mics and just won't work for large microphones like the Blue Yeti and similar-sized mics. But larger windscreens can be hard to find, and many of them are expensive.

Even if you do find a larger windscreen, you can't be sure that it will fit your microphone. Windscreens designed for other microphones can sometimes be too big, fitting loosely over your mic's grill and covering up part of the body. Besides looking bad, these ill-fitting windscreens can affect functionality by interfering with your mic's controls.

This affordable windscreen is the solution. It is made to fit snugly on microphones with a grill diameter up to 2.5 inches. It is guaranteed to fit the Blue Yeti (as shown in the picture), but it also fits many models from other brands such as MXL, Audio Technica, and more. It covers only the part of the mic that you want covered—the grill—keeping the aesthetics and functionality of your microphone intact.

This windscreen will keep your microphone protected from dust, spit, and other airborne hazards that can destroy your mic. It is thick enough to curb harsh plosive "popping" sounds and unwanted background noises, while letting the natural tone of your voice or instrument shine through.

Not sure if this windscreen will fit your mic? Why not try it out and see risk-free? If it doesn't meet your needs, simply return it for a guaranteed no hassle refund.

Installation instructions

Gently stretch out the windscreen before attempting to put it onto your mic.

Then, carefully stretch the windscreen over your mic's grill.

Finally, slowly pull the windscreen down onto your mic a little at a time, going around the mic in a circle, until the windscreen is down as far as you want it.

The process of fitting the windscreen correctly should take less than a minute.

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