Evriholder Swift Swat 3 In 1 Fly Swatter, Sweeper, And Scooper


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  • 3-IN-1 FUNCTIONING: Unique 3-in-one Fly Swatter Pack comprising of a swatter, sweeper and scooper. Perfect for use a Flying Insect Killer Indoor and Flying Insect Killer Outdoor.
  • INTELLIGENT DESIGN: Fly Swatter with grip handle and brilliant leaf-shaped design to deceive files. Compact Fly Swatter Set with holed handle for easy anchoring and storage.
  • MESS-FREE: Helps you kills flies indoors and kills flies outdoors with quick and hands-free sweeping, scooping and disposal to avoid mess.
  • EASY DETECTION: Use of practical, bright colors for immediate visual detection of dead insects.
  • FLEXIBLE: Sturdy, yet flexible fly swatter plastic. Ensures effective outdoor and indoor insect control in crevices and corners.

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Nobody wants to touch dead insects.

But what choice do you have other than cleaning up the mess after using a fly swatter or zapper? Here's a brilliant 3-in-1 product that will ensure you never have to touch a dead insect again!

Evriholder Swift Swat 3 in 1 Fly Swatter, Sweeper and Scooper

Get rid of all pesky flying insects, indoors and outdoors without ever touching them! The Swift Swat provides a lethal combination of swatting, sweeping and scooping mechanisms to do away with flies, mosquitoes and any other flying insect.

The long, easy-grip and flexible handle allows you to reach flies in all directions and corners, while the leaf-shaped mesh has a high-surface area for maximum entrapment. On the whole, the swatter is super-compact and easy to store. It even has an anchoring hole in the handle!

Being sturdily built, the durability of this all-purpose swatter is excellent, while its flexibility allows easy maneuvering. With eye-striking colors meant to enable immediate sighting of dead insects, you just have to use the bristles below the swatter as a broom and scoop them away with the detachable dustpan.

Get rid of all those bothersome flies. Order the 1-pack or 3-pack Swift Swat Swatter now!

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