Sty-HD 9 pcs Rainbow of Colors Capacitive Stylus/Styli Touch Screen Cellphone Tablet Pen for iPhone 4 4s 3 3Gs...


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  • 9 Pens in Caribbean Blues and Green!
  • These Styluses gives you precesion selection on all touch screen devices
  • Fits in your hand like a pen - protects your screen from fingerprints and scratches
  • Type - Touch - Watch - Innovate - Design - Educate - Flip or Simply Play

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All StyHD products feature bold brilliant colors Anodized in to the body of the stylus pen using the exact same food safe process of Aluminum cookware.

These Styli unlock the full potential of your iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy or other Touch Screen Device. Don't limit yourself to the precision of your fingertip. Fingers are great for painting when you are 4 - but, if you really want to touch, type, innovate and design on your device you need a capacitive stylus. These Styluses makes it easy to turn a page, pick a movie, draw a picture and keeps pesky fingerprints off your glossy screen. The stylus's durable rubber tip connects your brain to your device - requires no power, no drivers and no setup - just open the package and create - or escape.

Have a young one using your device - using a pen like stylus is proven by educational experts to help them develop the motor skills and eye hand coordination they will need when learning to write with the modern day quill and feather.

Friendly Reminders
"..due to the non-durable nature of the capacitive touchscreen (iPad, smartphones, etc.) the tip has to be soft. Treat the stylus like a small, soft-tipped paint brush and stroke the screen versus pushing down to try to write. If someone is complaining that the tip is collapsing or they tore the tip off quickly, they are trying to write with the stylus versus stroking the screen.."

"..last bit of advice. Soft tip styli do not last forever. 6-9 months of daily use and they are done....product is disposable.."

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