Finesseur Professional Ceramic Chef's Knife 8 Inch Black Blade Matte Finish


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  • Discover effortless food cutting within seconds. Quick, perfect slices and dices every single time. Cooking should be this easy for amateurs or seasoned chefs.
  • Slice exactly where you want to with precision and confidence. With this sharp and nimble ceramic knife, you are in complete control.
  • Perfect for health conscious families. Less exposure to germs and bacteria because ceramic is non-porous and chemically stable. You'll also never worry about rust, stains, lingering smells, or aftertaste again.
  • Enjoy a sharp knife for years to come. Finesseur ceramic knives hold their original sharpness longer due to the superior strength of the zirconium dioxide blades.
  • We know you can't touch or feel through your web browser. But, as you order now, you're protected by our full 1 year 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, take full advantage of our guarantee and test out your Finesseur ceramic chef's knife at home. Send us an email via if you are not completely satisfied, and we will process your refund within 24 hours, no questions asked.

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The new standard for sharpness

For years, carbon steel knives have been the choice of professionals and cooking enthusiasts. But that's changing, with the arrival of Zirconia Ceramic knives.

Zirconia is harder than carbon steel, and one of the hardest materials on Earth. That's why Zirconia is the premier material for kitchen knives. A standard ceramic blade will hold its ultra sharp edge 10 times longer than steel.

Our hot isostatic pressing process makes the crystalline structure of Finesseur blades even tougher, and cut better than steel knives.

Effortless chopping, slicing, dicing

The Finesseur Chef's Knife is sharp, nimble, light, and precise. Through the ergonomic non-slip ABS handle, you can enjoy the sensation of cutting. Make translucent vegetable slices faster than taking out and turning on that noisy food processor.

The super sharp blade makes slicing meat like cutting butter. That means you can butterfly or fillet your favorite cuts with ease. Every single time. Cutting food has never been this easy. You will chop, slice, and dice like a pro.

Low maintenance

No need to sharpen or hone. Just soap, rinse, and place back in your knife block after each use. Simple.

No rust, no stains, no smell, no aftertaste

Zirconia is highly chemically stable, unreactive, and non-porous. It won't rust or corrode from acidic foods. Just a quick wash ensures no stains, no smells, and no aftertaste.

Handle with care for years of sharp performance

Like most super hard materials, such as carbon steel and diamond, the Finesseur Chef's Knife is fragile and should be handled with the same care as other high-end kitchen knives. So leave bony meat to a cleaver or carver. With mindful handling, the Finesseur Chef's Knife will be the sharpest tool in your kitchen for years to come.

Rediscover the joy in cutting like a professional with your own Finesseur chef's knife. Order yours today!

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