Tominco Knife Set-4 Piece Cutlery Set With Gift Box-Ceramic Kitchen Knives-Includes Paring, Fruit, Utility, And...


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  • 4-PIECE CUTLERY SET INCLUDES: 3" Paring Knife(great for peeling and chopping fruits and vegetables-sweet potatoes, apples, citrus). 4" Fruit Knife(slicing fruits and vegetables). 5" Utility Knife(sandwiche knife is used to slice small pieces of meat, produce and sandwiches). 6" Chef Knife(most versatile cutting tool-used to cut, slice, chop and mince a variety of different products).
  • ZIRCONIUM OXIDE BLADE: Ultra sharp durable blade is made from zirconium oxide and won't rust or brown foods. The hardness is HRC 90, only second to diamonds. It's super sharp and has a longer life than traditional stainless steel knives. Stain and rust proof, non-adhesive, very easy to clean, no chemical reaction with food, and no metallic taste or smell. These anti-corrosive blades never rust, and keep food in its original color and flavor.
  • 5 FREE EBOOKS: 5 FREE recipe e-books with amazing recipes inside (a $15 value) are also included. Enjoy rich, fresh, and delicious recipes that you'll use over and over again. SO MANY GREAT IDEAS!
  • 100% SATISFACTION MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not pleased with your purchase for any reason, you are entitled, to a no-hassle, money-back guarantee. Your account will be credited promptly.
  • DELUXE GIFT BOX: Each knife set will be shipped in a deluxe gift box, making this a perfect option for an easy gift. Whether you need a Christmas gift for the chef in your family, a Mother's Day gift for your mom who wants to eat healthier, or just a convenient birthday present, this product is a great choice. Order it and have it delivered to your loved one's address, and it will arrive neatly packaged and professionally boxed. Or buy one and hand over the gift-wrapped box yourself. Stop worrying about how few vegetables are in your diet, and start slicing up meals for yourself and your children.

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The knife is the single most important item in the kitchen. Once you properly know how to use a knife, cooking becomes a lot easier. But before you can use it, you have to buy one...

Why You Should Own The Tominco Ceramic Knife Set

- Hardness-only second to diamonds
- Lightweight-extremely balanced in the hand
- Ergonomic handle-reduces fatigue during repetitive cutting
- The most attractive knife handle
- Durability-will stay sharper for longer periods of time
- Resist stains-not susceptible to food acids
- Environmentally friendly-no taste or strange smell will be left on the blade
- Resist germs-great for people who suffer from certain allergies
- Very easy to clean-not easily affected by substances such as salts, acids and juices

All Tominco ceramic knives handles are ergonomically shaped to fit the contours of a person's closed fist, reducing hand, wrist and forearm strain

For what I should use my Tominco ceramic knife?

- Slicing fruits
- Slicing vegetables
- Peeling and chopping
- Slicing meat
- Chop and mince a variety of different products

"Not only was this set a great price, but the knifes glide through meat like butter. This set has truly been a life saver for us..."

J.S. Robert

So what's the big deal about Tominco Knife Set? It's all about holding an edge...


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