Royal Purple 01600 Purple Ice Super-Coolant Radiator Additive - 12 oz.


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12 Ounce

  • 2-in-1 corrosion inhibitor and wetting agent enhanced protection of aluminum
  • Reduces surface tension of coolant allowing heat to transfer outside the radiator for more horsepower
  • Reduces hot spots in the engine and cylinder heads to help prevent failure of critical engine components
  • Maintains a cleaner system, prevents overheating and extends the life of the water pump
  • Safe to use in water or anti-freeze/water blends

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Purple Ice is a high performance, synthetic, radiator coolant additive. It reduces engine heat by reducing the surface tension of the radiator fluids for improved heat transfer. Purple Ice fosters optimum coolant flow by helping to prevent formation of scale deposits in the radiator. It also lubricates the water pump seals. Purple Ice should always be used in conjunction with antifreeze in regions where freezing temperatures occur. Purple Ice is recommended for any water/glycol pressurized cooling system, including those using the traditional green silicate based glycols or the newer OAT or HOAT based glycols.

Royal Purple's Purple Ice is a high performance radiator conditioner. Its advanced 2-in-1 corrosion inhibitor and wetting agent provides year-round defense against corrosion. Purple Ice also reduces the surface tension of the radiator coolant to help reduce engine temperatures.

Reduces Coolant Temperatures

Extensive testing confirms Purple Ice reduces coolant temperatures better than comparable products while providing extra corrosion protection.

Performance Advantages
  • Up to 22°F Reduction of Coolant Temperature --Reduces surface tension of a coolant allowing more heat to transfer outside the radiator resulting in more horsepower
  • Maximum Protection --Reduces hot spots in the engine and cylinder heads, reducing the possibility of engine failure
  • Cleans and Extends Equipment Life --Helps prevent overheating, keeps the system clean and extends the life of the water pump
  • Superior Corrosion Protection --Enhanced aluminum protection that combats corrosion, electrolysis and erosion
  • Compatible --Provides complete protection in straight water or coolant/anti-freeze mixes and safe for track use
Directions: Shake Well Before Using

Make sure cooling system works properly and is free of blockage and corrosion. Bottled, filtered drinking water is recommended. Distilled water not recommended, unless mixed with 50% antifreeze.

Use one (1) oz per quart of coolant with 50/50 mix or two (2) oz per quart of coolant with straight water. Replace annually or every 30,000 miles, whichever comes first.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Purple Ice does NOT provide freeze protection. Follow manufacturer recommendations when antifreeze is required. Royal Purple recommends that you drain and flush your system if you’ve used another brand of coolant additive. Purple Ice will NOT correct any pre-existing mechanical deficiencies of a cooling system.

Distilled water should not be used in straight water-cooling systems with aluminum radiators. Filtered drinking water or tap water is recommended for such cooling systems.

Purple Ice--FAQs

Is Purple Ice compatible with other cooling system additives?

Purple Ice should not be used with other heat-transfer or cooling enhancing products or “water wetters”. If such a product has been used in the cooling system, the system should be drained and flushed before using Purple Ice.

Purple Ice is compatible with cooling system additives intended to stop or slow leaks. Please note that such stop-leak products often typically put a coating on the interior surfaces of the cooling system, so the effects of Purple Ice may be diminished.

Is Purple Ice compatible with anti-freeze in my car?

Purple Ice is compatible with all current OEM/factory and major brand automotive anti-freeze. This includes traditional green ethylene glycols, as well as OAT/HOAT antifreezes (e.g. DexCool; Ford and Chrysler orange, gold, pink; European and Japanese OEM red, pink, etc.).

What water/anti-freeze concentration is recommended when using Purple Ice?

Purple Ice may be added to any anti-freeze/water mix; however, testing has shown higher water concentrations yield greater cooling benefits. While Purple Ice does contain corrosion inhibitors as well as lubricants to compensate for a lower anti-freeze/water concentration, Royal Purple recommends a minimum of 20 percent antifreeze concentration be used in street driven vehicles because Purple Ice has no effect on the boiling and/or freezing point of water.

How much Purple Ice do I need to add to my cooling system?

When using Purple Ice with an antifreeze/water mix, Royal Purple recommends adding 1 ounce of Purple Ice per quart of cooling system capacity. For straight water (racing) applications, Royal Purple recommends adding 2 ounces of Purple Ice per quart of cooling system capacity.

How often should I add Purple Ice to my radiator?

When used with antifreeze, Purple Ice should be added once a year or every 30,000 miles, whichever comes first, in order to maintain proper performance. When using Purple Ice in a cooling system running straight water, Purple Ice should be added once a year or every 15,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Will adding too much Purple Ice harm my cooling system?

No. A higher concentration of Purple Ice than recommended won’t offer any additional cooling benefit nor will it have any adverse effects on the engine or cooling system.

Can Purple Ice be used in diesel engines?

Yes. Purple Ice may be used in diesel engines for improved heat transfer as well as reduced cavitation.

Technical Details
Brand Royal Purple
Item Weight 1 pounds
Product Dimensions 3.8 x 1.1 x 7.5 inches
Item model number 1600
Exterior Smooth
Manufacturer Part Number 01600
OEM Part Number 1600
Vehicle Service Type all-terrain-vehicles;utility-vehicles;street-sport-motorcycles;off-road-motorcycles;street-cruiser-motorcycles;street-touring-motorcycles;street-motor-scooters;snowmobiles;marine-personal-craft

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