Motorcycle Reflective Safety Tape - Black Adhesive. RTK-03A


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  • Blends with Black Surfaces During the Day, Bright White Reflection at Night
  • The reflective tape kit includes the following:
  • 24 inches of 1" wide Black Reflective Tape +
  • 24 inches of 2" wide Black Reflective Tape +
  • 12 inches of 4" wide Black Reflective Tape

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<strong>Motorcycle Reflective Safety Tape - Black Adhesive </strong>
This black glossy adhesive motorcycle safety tape blends in with black surfaces during the day and shines a bright white reflection at night.
The reflective tape kit includes 24 inches of 1" wide, 24 inches of 2" wide, and 12 inches of 4" wide black reflective motorcycle tape.

The tape kit can be cut into strips, special shapes, or pinstripes, and easily applied to motorcycle surfaces, helmets, leather, boot heels, and even saddlebags to make you visible to oncoming or following headlights. The self-adhesive strips bond exceptionally well to any smooth, clean, dry surface. <strong>Be seen, Be safe! </strong>

<strong>How This Material Reflects Light
Amanet Reflective Tapes and Stickers contain a layer of microscopic lenses coated onto the surface. An auto's lights hit this and the bright light will shine back to the driver's eyes, making you visible from a very long distance away. The best way to test this at home is to put the reflective material at approximately 20 feet away, flat against a wall, at eye level, directly in front of the sticker or tape. For testing once installed, put the headlights of an auto at approximately 200 to 300 feet directly behind the bike, on a level road. At just 10 feet away you won't see the brightest reflection because the angle of the headlight-reflector-eye is too large (See the illustration below). In the real world 10 to 20 feet away is too close for a car to first notice you and stop. The reflective tape or sticker is designed so an auto can see you and your bike hundreds of feet away.

Technical Details
Part Number RTK-03A
Item Weight 2.4 ounces
Product Dimensions 5.1 x 3.5 x 1.3 inches
Item model number RTK-03A
Color Black
Material fabric
Item Package Quantity 1

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