Perfect Size Crepe Spreaders (Handmade in Usa) By Cucina Galli (Variety 3 Pack)


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  • At Cucina Galli, we have our Italian roots, but we are 100% American. We believe that investing in our community and nation is the best way to make life better for all of us. That's why each and every crepe spreader is Handmade in the USA, which means when you buy from us, you not only get a great product, you provide jobs here in the US.
  • Professional quality wooden crepe spreaders Made in the USA! (Variety 3 pack, 5", 6", 7") 100% Money Back Guarantee!
  • Make the best crepes possible with these crepe batter spreaders made from 100% Hardwood. Ideal size for crepe makers/pans, or any skillet or pan you already own!
  • Unlike other multi-paks, the variety pack has 3 sizes of crepe spreader so that you have the Perfect Size crepe spreader for your crepe pan, frying pan, or skillet. 1 inch size change has a great effect on how well the crepe spreader works for your pan. These are the optimal sizes for home and professional use.
  • Professional quality crepes at home! You don't have to be in France to have great crepes, crepe spreaders are incredibly easy to use. Each crepe spreader pack comes with care instructions and recipes.

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Cucina Galli makes these Perfect Size Crepe Spreaders in the USA out of 100% hardwood. We love making crepes at home, but crepe batter spreaders you buy at the store are often too big or too small for the pan you are using. With the variety pack of crepe spreaders, you will always have the perfect size tool for the job. Variety pack comes with 5, 6, and 7 inch wooden crepe spreaders.
  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 1 x 7 inches
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