Mini DisplayPort 1.2 to Triple Head DisplayPort Multi Monitor MST Hub - mDP 1.2 Multi Stream Transport Hub - mDP to 3x DP


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Mini DisplayPort

  • Connect three DisplayPort enabled monitors to your laptop or Ultrabook, through an mDP output
  • Compatible with Mini DisplayPort 1.2 devices such as Microsoft Surface Pro 3 / 2 & AMD Eyefinity graphics cards, and DP displays
  • Updated chipset for compatibility with Surface Pro 3
  • Mini Display Port 1.2 / VESA & DisplayPort certified / mDP MST Hub / MST Multi Stream Adapter / DisplayPort Hub
  • Dock your Surface Pro with a high resolution workstation and increase your productivity with 3 displays

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From the Manufacturer

Extend Your Display – Increase Productivity with multiple screens

Computer manufacturers today are making your devices smaller and more portable, with fewer video out options, and small integrated screens. The MSTMDP123DP solves both of these problems by letting you connect three independent displays to your Mini DisplayPort (1.2) output.

You can extend your desktop onto additional monitors and stream independent content to each individual display to vastly increase your productivity by giving you the freedom to multitask. Mirror the same image onto multiple displays, for remote viewing applications. Or create a Single Large Surface (SLS), such as a video wall for a submersible gaming atmosphere, or an impressive digital signage application. You can also use two MSTMDP123DP with your AMD Radeon graphics card, enabling you to add up to 6 independent displays.

Extend Your Compatibility – Works with HDMI, VGA & DVI Adapters

With the MSTMDP123DP you can use DisplayPort video adapters and cable adapters that enable you to connect HDMI, VGA or DVI displays. This ensures your MST hub will be compatible with virtually any television, monitor or projector, making harmonization with your existing video equipment easy.

Extend Your Performance – Achieve unprecedented external video quality

MST technology uses your existing video card to minimize the use of system resources, ensuring the highest performing external video solution possible. MST offers 10.2 Gbps of bandwidth to share across multiple displays to achieve Ultra HD 4K resolutions. This unprecedented performance makes MST perfect for high-resolution applications such as graphic design, gaming and medical imaging.

VESA and DisplayPort certified

This MST hub has a newly engineered chipset that is designed to resolve compatibility issues with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. The new chipset has been rigorously tested by StarTech .com for guaranteed capability with your device.


Add three independent monitors to your computer using a single mDP output

- Add additional displays to your Surface Pro 3

- Use one screen for reference data such as websites, while composing in another screen

- Dock your mDP 1.2 device and add three high-resolution displays at your workstation

- Create a panoramic video wall for DisplayPort digital signage applications

- Edit images, video or audio clips across three displays in any orientation or resolution

- Perfect for spanning a spreadsheet/worksheet across all three displays, to avoid side-scrolling

- Enjoy the panoramic views built into games and display helpful codes/walk-through data on a third display, at the same time

StarTech Packaging

Look for StarTech Branded Packaging to ensure you are getting a genuine StarTech product.

Questions and Answers

Q: Will this hub work with any computer & graphics card?

A: This hub will only work with computers & graphics cards that have support for DisplayPort 1.2 and MST. recommends checking the specifications of your graphics adapter to determine if you have support for DP1.2 and MST. When using a DisplayPort 1.1 video card the MST hub will act as splitter, automatically mirroring your video source across all displays (resolution limitations apply).

Q: Does the hub work with Apple/OSX?

A: Currently Apple OSX does not support MST. Support may be added in the future, however, at this time these hubs will not work with Apple computers.

Q: Does the hub work with DisplayPort adapters?

A: MST hubs do work with active and passive DP adapters. Please note, when converting to VGA, we recommend using part number DP2VGA3. We have noticed some compatibility issues when connecting using DP2VGA2 with certain VGA monitors.

Q: How do I setup the monitors and resolution once I’ve attached the monitors to the MST hub?

A: Your monitors can be configured using the operating system settings on your computer. These settings can be accessed through the screen resolution section of Display in the Windows Control Panel.

Q: Will the hub work with three 4K monitors?

A: No, while MST does support 4K, bandwidth limitations of DP 1.2 prevent the MST hub from supporting three 4K monitors simultaneously. Three monitors can be added, however, your resolution must be within the bandwidth capacity of DP 1.2. Please visit the website for a detailed DP 1.2 bandwidth chart.


  • Maximize your productivity by connecting up to three independent displays to your computer using the MST Hub
  • Connect to almost any television, monitor or projector with the support of low cost adapters
  • Newly engineered chipset for increased compatibility with Microsoft Surface Pro 3
  • Increase external video performance with support for resolutions up to 4K
  • VESA and DisplayPort certified
  • Compatible with DP1.2 Graphics cards such as AMD Eyefinity Technology & AMD Radeon
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 6.1 x 2.6 inches ; 3.4 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 15.2 ounces ( )
  • International Shipping: This item can be shipped to select countries outside of the U.S.
  • Item model number: MSTMDP123DP
  • Manufacturer’s warranty can be requested from customer service. to make a request to customer service.

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