Meguiar's X3002 Microfiber Wash Mitt


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  • Super-soft, deep pile and totally lint-free
  • Can be washed and re-used several times
  • Clear coat safe microfiber lifts and traps dirt and grime for a brilliant, swirl-free finish
  • Provides a gentle wash action
  • Instantly restores your show car perfect finish

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Meguiar's Microfiber Wash Mitt allows for swirl-free washing while lifting and trapping the dirt. The comfort-fit cuff and soft inner lining makes this wash mitt a pleasure to use. This super thick mitt can absorb up to ten times its own weight in wash solution, delivering ultimate finish on all automobile surfaces.

Meguiar’s Microfiber Wash Mitt features super absorbent microfiber that carries more water and suds. It’s super-soft, deep microfiber safely lifts and traps dirt and grime for a brilliant, swirl-free finish that is lint-free and can be washed and re-used repeatedly. Meguiar’s Microfiber Wash Mitt is an essential tool in creating and maintaining a show car perfect finish each time you wash your vehicle.

Gentle yet powerful cleaning
Wash Method

Washing is defined as the removal of loose contaminants from any surface. For washing Meguiar’s recommends that you use the following products and tools: your favorite Meguiar’s car wash soap, Meguiar’s Microfiber Wash Mitt, Meguiar's Water Magnet microfiber drying towel, and two five-gallon buckets.

Choosing a Car Wash

Meguiar's recommends using a pH-balanced, non-detergent car wash using the correct dilution with a high quality wash mitt, like Meguiar's Microfiber Wash Mitt. All of Meguiar's car washes are non-detergent and offer excellent cleaning ability while lubricating the surface to help dirt and grime glide off the paint instead of grind into the paint. For your selection, Meguiar's offers various car washes. Meguiar's Ultimate Wash and Wax is the perfect way to clean and shine your car's finish in-between regular waxing, boosting your protection, glossiness and shine and is compatible with all Meguiar's washes and waxes. Meguiar's Ultimate Wash and Wax provides hybrid carnauba/polymer wax protection and foaming action to safely lift dirt and grime, as well as enhance gloss and shine in one easy step.

Meguiar's Gold Class car wash shampoo and conditioner is a rich and luxurious product designed to both wash and condition paint in one easy step. The premium formula gently foams away tough dirt, road grime and contaminants without compromising wax protection. Meguiar's Gold Class car wash shampoo and conditioner's premium formula gently foams away dirt and grime and its conditioners reveal color and clarity.

Meguiar's Deep Crystal car wash contains special ingredients that extend the life of the suds. Dirt and grime are quickly loosened and removed while wax protection is preserved and without harming your paint.

Never use dish washing detergent as it may strip wax protection, promote oxidation and lead to premature deterioration of vinyl, plastic and rubber trim.

Use a two-bucket method with a Grit Guard (sold separately) to prevent paint damage
Two Bucket Method

Meguiar's recommends that you use the “Two Bucket” method in conjunction with the Meguiar's Grit Guard to reduce the chances of inflicting swirls into your paint. The two-bucket method makes use of one bucket for your wash solution and a second bucket with just plain water to use as a rinse for Meguiar's Microfiber Wash Mitt.

  • 1. Use the water bucket to dunk your Microfiber Wash Mitt into the soapy water bucket and wash a panel or section of your vehicle.
  • 2. Dunk the Microfiber Wash Mitt and any loose contaminants it picked up, into the rinse bucket, swish it around and wring it out.
  • 3. The Grit Guard is simply a baffle in the bottom of the bucket, preventing loose contaminants from being dispersed back into the water the next time you rinse your wash mitt.
  • 4. Now you can dunk your mitt into the soapy water bucket and wash the next panel or section of your vehicle. As an added safety precaution you can insert a Grit Guard into your soapy water bucket as well.
Selecting a Drying Cloth

Drying cloths or chamois should be used after washing your vehicle, because you should never just let your vehicle air dry as this leads to water spots. Selecting your drying towel is every bit as important as choosing your wash mitt as you want to select something that is absorbent but also very soft and gentle to the paint.

Meguiar's offers a microfiber drying towels for you to select from that will not harm or scratch your paint. Meguiar's water magnet microfiber drying towel reduces drying time with less wring-outs by absorbing up to two times the water of traditional terry towels. The extra large 22" x 30" waffle texture wrings out easily and leaves a spot-free finish.

Technical Details
Brand Meguiar's
Item Weight 3.2 ounces
Product Dimensions 12 x 7 x 1.9 inches
Item model number X3002
Manufacturer Part Number X3002
OEM Part Number X3002

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